Woodland Management Services

Deer Management – Deer are continually expanding their range and number in the UK. Each of the six species present occupies a slightly different niche and this has a profound effect on our forests and how design and protect them. We are happy to help facilitate this for you.


Woodland Establishment – After planting, woodland require tending to allow them to successfully establish. Site, species, grazing and browsing pressure will all have an effect on how long successful establishment can take. We have a long proven record of  successfully establishing woodland across all soil types, whether through CCF methods or clearfell.

At present all of our  woodlands have been established  without herbicides or chemicals, through excellent ground preparation, strong plants and good planting techniques. We us mechanical weeding to ensure the trees benefit from good soil flora and fauna to rapidly out compete the weeds. Mechanical weeding also ensures that woody weed competition is removed in the early phase over the establishment period and produces a cost saving.


Crop Improvement – Active silviculture requires crop improvement interventions throughout the life of the trees. This is especially important post establishment in establishing dominant leaders, removing unwanted woody weed competition and during pole stage, formative pruning for timber quality. Through the use of working blocks all your woodlands are visited and required silvicultural interventions are planned, budgeted and undertaken.